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Planning an adventure with your friends in the USA or Europe?
Keep in mind that car rental companies typically have a minimum age requirement for drivers, usually set at 21 years or older. This age restriction applies when you're signing the lease and picking up the vehicle.

Additionally, in many countries, there are varying restrictions and policies for young drivers aged 21 to 26. Apart from the standard insurance charge, there's usually an extra fee for young drivers who sign up for the rental separately. Furthermore, there might be limitations on the types of cars available and the deductible amount.

For instance, in the United States, we offer a special car rental plan designed specifically for young drivers.
This plan provides all the essentials at a discounted rate.
To take advantage of this offer, simply select the "Young Drivers" plan. It covers the "young driver" insurance supplement for up to three young drivers and even includes the upfront cost of a full tank of fuel. This way, you can return the vehicle with an empty tank hassle-free.

Now, what if you're booking a car for other destinations? You can easily find the details of the "young driver" insurance supplement based on the vehicle type by clicking the "Add-ons" link in your search results. Keep in mind that this amount will be charged directly by the car provider when you pick up the vehicle for any young driver listed on the lease.

Ofran wishes you a safe and enjoyable journey.

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